Call for Papers - Research in Organizational Development (RiOD) aims to promote independent, resourceful, and practical research that develops and shares ideas and theories in practical ways consider how organizations emerge, develop, grow, and fail through the following means: 1. Organizational Leadership – developing solid leader aptitudes and styles; discussing authority in leadership capacities; leading in the face of adversity, challenges, and turmoil; conflict managing of personalities, organizations, and systems; 2. Structure & Governance – developing, assessing, and evaluating official capacities and organizational responsiveness; developing thoughtful and disciplined leaders; developing reflective practices 3. Policy Development – developing, assessing, and evaluating administrative instruments, systems, ways and means. 4. Accountability & Reliability – Understanding, developing measures for, evaluating, and assessing organizational and operational accountability and reliability 5. Visioning – fostering creativity, accomplishments, and renewal 6. Transformation – Initiating and pioneering activity(ies), spearheading change, finding and tapping into the “soul” of an organization. RiOD is an open-access refereed indexed journal.