ELOD Publishing - Education, Language, & Organizational Research

ELOD Publishing is a manuscript hosting site that seeks to bring together scholarly materials online to improve access to quality scholarly materials globally. ALER Global founded ELOD Publishing for three reasons: 

  • to publish high-quality materials that offering new ideas to the field that are in line with the interest of our journals and manuscripts.

  • to create a corpus of data in several fields making exploration and dissemination of knowledge more accessible to educators, researchers, and scholars globally.

  • to provide a stable environment for small to medium-sized professional organizations operated by volunteers that can benefit from an established publication infrastructure.

The establishment of the ELOD Publishing fills the need of many global researchers, teachers, and students in who lack free access to quality materials online to further research and skills and knowledge development. This site seeks to solve that problem by offering free materials access that encourages study, research, development, and the dissemination of knowledge. ELOD Publishing aims to establish a publishing house that is open to all, disseminate knowledge; provide a learned reference in the field; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policymakers and executives in the industry, commerce, and investment institutions.

ELOD Publishing Focus

ELOD Publishing host materials and serial publications focusing on:

  • Educational ResearchTeaching, Learning, Culture, and Administration;

  • Language ResearchCulture, Language, and Literacy

  • Organizational ResearchLeadership, Structure & Governance, Policy Development, Accountability & Reliability, Visioning, and Transformation

ELOD Publishing offers very affordable set-up fees. For institutions, associations, or organizations seeking to streamline and centralize their publication processes, ELOD Publishing provides a global reach for publications as well as the internal structure to ensure continuity. The ELOD Publishing system scaffolds the referee process and tracks the publication process to ensure smooth and timely publication. Additionally, the ELOD Publishing system enables readers to register themselves as an author and or reviewer enabling editors to attract and gain valuable human capital to ensure their publications sustainability, increased the scope of their publication, and attentiveness to its reader base. Each publisher establishes the parameters for article access, submission, and subscriptions. Our dedicated technical and administration team ensure quality service and a dynamic environment that actively seeks to engage broader audiences, increase viable readership, and their use of all the published materials through indexing and online support systems.

Host Your Material Here

If you are interested in hosting your serial content on ELOD, please contact AELRGlobal@aelrglobal.org for details.